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Greenhouse Tours

Scheduled throughout the year, individual members may host  an “open house” of their growing areas, which may be a greenhouse, screened porch, a room with grow light tables, pool enclosure or a backyard with a shade house. The methods of growing orchids in our area are as diverse as our members. In addition, a spring “pot-in” is held at a member’s greenhouse for new members who receive an orchid division and hands-on instruction on orchid potting. Orchid nurseries may also hold open houses along with an orchid sale. All of these events are excellent ways for members to share their ideas and methods for growing orchids in our area.1


Away Shows

An away show is any show put on by a neighboring orchid society where GOS puts up an orchid display.  Orchid shows present members an opportunity to enter their best blooming orchids for judging. Give it a try...you might win a blue ribbon!

Come along and help. It's lots of fun and a great way to get to know other Society members. And... you get to visit the vendors there selling orchids and supplies.

Coordinated by an experienced GOS member, a crew of volunteers pack up plants and display materials, drive them to the show venue, set up the display, register the plants and then enjoy an added bonus--an afternoon of seeing the show and shopping for orchids and supplies before heading home to Gainesville. Another crew of volunteers heads over on Sunday to take down the display and transport plants and materials back to a member’s home for pick up. Most away orchid shows are within easy driving distance.

Without participation by visiting orchid societies, our annual show displays would not be nearly so beautiful nor our show so much fun. Our members reciprocate by participating in out-of-town shows hosted by our affiliate societies. Here is this year's schedule of away shows:

Annual Spring Auction

Orchid sellers must be members of the GOS and should come to the meeting as early as possible (not later than 6:30 pm) to register, tag, and help organize their plants.

Please supply a short, legible note about the plant you are selling. Tell us how it’s pronounced and supply an interesting fact that will entice buyers. If a plant looks unhealthy or has pests, the auction committee will set it aside.

Members may submit up to seven plants. ORCHID PLANTS ONLY. Plants in bloom, or with a picture of the bloom, will be auctioned first. Others will be auctioned as time allows.

Plants are selected for auction in sequential vendor-letter order, for fairness.

The Gainesville Orchid Society receives one third of the proceeds of auctioned plants.

Pay for plants you buy with cash or check.

The Treasurer will mail checks to the sellers after the auction.

Members may choose to generously donate all proceeds from the sale of any or all their plants to GOS.

There will be no silent auction.
The auction will begin promptly at 7:15.